Autoresponers: “How To Send A Broadcast Email In GetResponse” (Part 3)

How To Send A Broadcast Email In GetResponse

Ok I covered what autoresponders are and why you need them in part 1 and in part 2 you discovered which autoresponder is the best. Now I am going to get a little more technical and teach you how to properly use this amazing marketing tool. So today in part three of the autoresponder series I’m going to teach you how toHow To Send A Broadcast Email In GetResponse send a broadcast email.

What is a broadcast email? 

A broadcast email is an email message you send to you list of subscribers. It’s not a part of your autoresponder messages it’s different because you are manually sending the message. There are several reasons why you should send broadcast email. It gives you the ability to communicate with them whenever you want. If you have some great value to give you can send it in a broadcast email. If you have an update or something significant happened in your life; you can send a broadcast email. It really helps you stay connected with your list.

9 Simple Steps To Send A Broadcast Email:

  1. Login to GetResponse
  2. Click Create Newsletter
  3. Fill In The Subject Box
  4. Choose A Template
  5. Write Your Email
  6. Click Next
  7. Choose Who Gets The Email
  8. Click Next
  9. Click Send

Broadcast emails are a great way to give continued value to your list. Please watch the quick video tutorial below and see how simple it is to send a broadcast email.

Autoresponers: “How To Send A Broadcast Email In GetResponse”

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So, now you have seen how easy it is to send a broadcast email. Stick around, for part 4, and let me show you how easy it is to set up autoresponder messages.

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