Autoresponers: “How To Set Up Autoresponder Messages” (Part 4)

How To Set Up Autoresponder Messages

In part 1 of this autoresponder series I covered what autoresponders where and why you need them. Then, in part 2 I revealed what autoresponder is the best on the market today. Part 3, I got a little technincal and showed you how to send a broadcast email. Today, I will teach you how to set up your autoresponder messages. pizap.com14222896492891

Setting up your autoresponder messages can save you a bunch of time and if done correctly can produce sales in your business. So there are two main reasons to set up autoresponder messages…. time and money.

It’s pretty obvious how autoresponders can save you time. Someone enters their information into a landing page and then you capture their email. Then instead of having to send that person an individual email the autoresponder does it on your behalf.

But the main purpose is to make sales. Have you ever hear the saying, “The money is in the follow up.” ? That is ture. Most people don’t buy the first time you show them a product. I made a sale once from someone who was on my list for over a year. They finally purchased my product but it took several times before the sale happened.

Using autoresponder messages and broadcast emails to communicate with your list is a powerful method to making that sale.

How Many autoresponder messages should you have?

It’s suggest to have at least having 7, because most people need to be presented with a product or service at least 7 times before they will buy. The more autoresponder messages the better, I’ve seen as many as 30.

3 Tips On Building A Relationship Using Email:

  1. Log into GetResponse
  2. Click the messages tab
  3. Select create autoresponder
  4. Choose what day you want it to be sent
  5. Click “Choose message” or “Create new email”
  6. Click save and publish

Autoresponders messages play an important roll in your business. Please watch the quick video below and listen to what I have to say.

Autoresponers: “How To Set Up Autoresponder Messages”

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