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higdon -828I can tell you are serious about succeeding online, since you are looking at my coaching program and considering investing in yourself so you can learn the strategies necessary to take your business to the next level. 

Remember all of the successful online entrepreneurs have invested in themselves in order to get where they are today, and I know you are ready to play big, Congratulations!

I don’t just coach anyone or everyone, I want to make sure you are a good fit for this coaching program so please email me at or click the contact me tab above and request for an application.  

Please allow up to 7 business days for the application to be sent.  Once a decision is made you will be contacted with instructions on how to move forward. 

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Coaching Package:   During the coaching program you will receive:  

  •  1-hour coaching call each week for 4-weeks from me personally. I want to meet you so I know where you are at in your business and move you forward to having success.
  • In addition to the 4 calls each client will be able to participate in my Monday Night Mastermind webinars for life (I don’t charge for these webinars and I do them weekly with two other outstanding online entrepreneurs. Register Here
  • I will also conduct a training up to 3 hours long specifically designed to meet your needs and answer your questions live during the training.

 It’s important that we have a mutual understanding about the procedures and policies that will be in place during our coaching relationship. If there is anything here that is confusing or uncomfortable, please contact me to go over it.

Definition of Coaching:

Professional coaching is a cooperative alliance between the coach and client. Through the process of coaching, clients identify and prioritize their goals and develop and take manageable steps towards achieving those goals.

The client and coach will choose the focus of conversation in each session, while the coach listens and contributes questions, observations and on occasion, suggestions or requests.

The intention of this interaction is to facilitate the client’s clarity, support the client’s self personal and/or professional life and believes that every client has natural gifts and talents that allow them to solve most, if not all of their problems.

The coach will help elicit client-generated solutions and strategies. The coach’s role is to accelerate the client’s progress by providing greater focus, awareness of choice and accountability.

The client is always responsible for the choices they make during the coaching process. If the client believes the coaching is not working as desired or is uncomfortable with any aspect of the coaching relationship, then the client will communicate this to the coach so that action can be taken by both parties to return power to the coaching relationship.

Confidentiality: I recognizes that my client may share private personal or business information. I will not at anytime communicate anything that is said in the privacy of a coaching session to a third party except as released by the client or as required by law.

Coaching Calls and Cancellation Policy:

The coach (me) will call the client at the pre-arranged time and telephone number. If the client is not available at that time and calls the coach back within 15 minutes, the session will be truncated.

If the client does not call the coach back within 15 minutes, the session will be forfeit. Please remember, cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance in order to be rescheduled.

There will be no refund for forfeit sessions. Recoding of Mastermind Sessions: Client agrees to allow Coach to record mastermind/group training sessions.

Commitment To The Program:

By choosing to apply, you’re making a mental and financial agreement to be an active participant in the program, attend the mastermind group weekends, attend the webinar training events, coaching calls, etc.

You’re also agreeing to make the financial investment in the program. Payment for the Mastermind program is non-refundable.

If you would like to apply to be one of my coaching clients please send an email to or Sign Up Above to request an application.