Facebook Active Prospecting Strategy

This is an active prospecting strategy I use on a daily basis to build my business. The reason I like this strategy so much is because it WORKS! And it’s simple enough to be duplicatable. The only “catch” is… in order for it to work you must be consistent. Trying for a couple of days will not get you the results you are searching for so if you are going to play… play to win and stick with it. If you prospect 10 to 20 people a day you will get results.

Why I type “friends of friends” in the facebook search bar?

I do that because facebook allows you to message “most” of your friend of friends without being put in the “other” message folder. If you don’t know what the other folder is, click on the message icon in facebook and you’ll notice “inbox” and “other”.

The steps I take:

  1. Open three facebook tabs
  2. Type “friends of friends who live in _______” in the facebook search bar.
  3. Click the “People” tab
  4. Set up the second tab by clicking the facebook message icon and clicking “see all”
  5. Search for your prospects “only sharp looking people” 
  6. Copy the prospects name then in the second tab paste it to see if you’ve talked to that person in the past. (important)
  7. If you haven’t talked to that person then go to the third tab and paste the prospects name in the facebook search bar
  8. Check out their profile and gather info. 
  9. Finally message them.

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