Finding Your Inner Blog


Are you having trouble finding your inner blog?

You are not alone. More and more people are blogging these days but they have no idea what to blog about.

And we’ve all hear the infamous saying, “Blog about your passion!”

Yet, the problem is, many people don’t even know what they are passionate about.

Finding Your Inner Blog

When I started blogging, I blogged about random things.

I didn’t have a specific target so I’d blog about my company one day, leadership the next, and a funny video I found on youtube the following day.

Needless to say I didn’t make much money from blogging that way.

The weird thing is, I kinda knew what I was passionate about but I wasn’t blogging about it.

I guess I didn’t think it was something worth blogging about.

So, for several months I went on blogging about random stuff.

haha… Looking back I have to laugh at myself.

Choose A Target

Then, I finally decided to focus and choose a target.

No, I didn’t choose the thing I was most passionate about.

But I did choose something.

And just by doing that it improved my blogs dramatically.

I started getting leads and sales from my blogs.

People started to follow my blog and they loved my content.

I felt like I was really making  difference in peoples lives but there was something missing….

Choosing a target wasn’t enough…

Defining Your Passion

Like so many people who start blogging, me included, they try to blog about stuff they aren’t truly passionate about.

Yes, you can make money doing this but remember, blogging is a longterm strategy and if you are not blogging about what you are passionate about you will loose interest.

So, what if you don’t know what you are passionate about.

How do you figure it out?

You might go through this exercise I found on Entrepreneur.

  1. Revisit your childhood. What did you love to do?
  2. Make a “creativity board.”
  3. Make a list of people who are where you want to be.
  4. Start doing what you love, even without a business plan
  5. Take a break from business thinking.

Once you’ve found your passion blogging becomes easy.

Re-defining Your Target

Now you’ve started blogging about your passion you need to get supper targeted.

We call this building an avatar.

What does he/she want?

What problems is he/she desperately trying to solve?

Which problem can You help him/her solve?

How can you help him/her solve that problem?

What If You Don’t Have a Blog?

If you don’t have a blog get one!

People who must have a blog:

  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Employees
  • Unemployed
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Celebrities

If you fall into one of these listed above you should have a blog.

If you don’t fall into one of these, you should still have a blog.

Watch the video below to find out what blog I suggest people get:

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I believe in you,

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