How To Use QR Codes To Increase Your Traffic?

qrcodeAre you looking for new creative ways to get traffic to your website?

You’re not alone. There are thousands of online entrepreneurs scouring the web searching for the newest latest and greatest way to get traffic to their websites.

Remember when you first started a website?

You were so proud of yourself for accomplishing this feat until you realize no one even knows you exist? I remember those days. I had no idea how to get traffic to my website but now things are different.

There are literally thousands of ways… thousands of methods… thousands of ideas on how to get traffic to your website.

Today, I am going to share one of those ways and how you can utilize it to get more traffic to your website.

How To Use QR Codes To Increase Your Traffic?

Have you ever seen a weird digitized box on a poster, a menu or even a business card? That little weird looking digital box is called a QR code.

What is a QR code?

According to wikipeda a QR code is a “type of matrix barcode first designed for the automotive industry in Japan”, more on that here.

It’s basically something we use to show people where our website is located and to do that we show them a digital symbol called… you guested it a QR code.

Why would you use a QR code?

The fact is is there’s not a lot of people taking advantage of this amazing technology. If you do it now you can position yourself for the future as a professional.

It’s easy…

Listen you can use these QR codes on flyers business, cards and other marketing materials. The only catch is in order for someone to be able to link to your website, they would need an app on their smartphone that can read QR codes. There are a ton of apps with this capability. 

We all know that we are moving into a more digital age so why not get a head of everyone else and learn how simple it is to use QR codes today. Lucky for you I made a video tutorial explaining exactly how to do it. 

How To Use QR Codes To Increase Your Traffic?

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  1. says

    QR codes seemed to be really popular… and then they sort of disappeared for a bit. But it makes so much sense…. why not have a way to be right in the palm of someones hand without them having to type in your website or fanpage.

    Great training. Keep on sharing that value.

  2. says

    Great training today on QR codes. I confess I have one for my pest control business, have it in the signature of my emails, but don’t have a clue.
    I am going to book mark this page and come back and study it.

  3. Alesha says

    Hey Joshua, wow thank you for sharing this. I had heard of QR codes but hadn’t researched it yet. I will be implementing this through Get Response asap. Thanks again!

  4. says

    Awesome Alesha! I’d love to hear how you are planning on using them. I’ve thought about maybe putting them on some banners or maybe some business cards.

  5. says

    Fantastic! Can’t wait for you to see some results with this method. I’ll keep posting traffic secrets so come back and check out my future blog posts!

  6. says

    Yeah… I’ve heard good and bad things about QR codes too but who knows… People could catch on and if you already know how to use them you can be ahead of the game!

  7. says

    I’ve had GetResponse for years and didn’t even know about this feature! I’m definitely going to start using it in my own marketing material to promote my website!

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