Secret Online Entrepreneur Guide To Writing Your Lead Magnet

Secret Online Entrepreneur Guide To Writing Your Lead Magnet

In this post I will guide you through the process of writing your lead magnet. It’s not complicated and anyone can do it by following the steps I lay out for you.

Secret Guide To Writing Your Lead Magnet

Secret Guide To Writing Your Lead Magnet

First you need to understand that people want answers now and they don’t want to work hard to find answers. You can use this knowledge to work in your favor. If you solve their problems, they will continue to come back to your content. You will build a relationship with them and they will love you and eventually buy from you.

Making a lead magnet doesn’t need to take a lot of time. In fact, I’m going to show you how you can make one in two to three hours.

A simple lead magnet doesn’t have to be long. Two to three pages will due just fine. Make it into a PDF and you have a lead magnet.

Tip: Make sure you put your information inside the content of your lead magnet incase it gets shared and goes viral. 

If you have a logo add it to give it a professional look. If you don’t have a logo goto fiverr and get one made for as little as $5. You can also have fiverr make you a graphic that illustrates the information you are giving.


Secret Online Entrepreneur Guide To Writing Your Lead Magnet

The first step in lead magnet creation is the headline. It must be compelling enough to hook your perfect customer. Below are some examples of headlines.

Common Examples:

  • 5 Ways to Tell if a BLANK Knows Their Stuff
  • 10 Lies Most BLANK Tell Everyone
  • The Ultimate BLANK Checklist
  • How To Tell If Your Ready for a BLANK

If you are an affiliate of some kind you might base your headline off of one of these:

  • The BLANK’s Ultimate Gear List
  • The 12 Biggest BLANK Lies
  • 10 Rules of BLANK – and When to Break Them
  • The Definitive Guide to BLANK

If you are an e-commerce company you might want to try one of these headlines:

  • 15% off next order
  • Free gift (tell them specifically the gift is)
  • 101 Amazing, Never-Seen-Before BLANK Ideas

The second step is the actual creation of your lead magnet. I suggest using the “Pomodoro Method” (see video for more details) when writing your lead magnet because humans work well with short sprits of focus. 25 minutes of pure focused work and then take a 5-10 minute brake but don’t loose track of where you were. Do this sequence a couple of times and your lead magnet will be complete in no time.

Lead Magnets play an important roll in your business. Please watch the quick video below and listen to what I have to say.

Secret Online Entrepreneur Guide To Writing Your Lead Magnet

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