This New Blog Commenting Strategy Will Increase Your Sales

Online Sales For Blog Commenters Are On (1)
Have you ever thought, “Commenting on blogs!….What a waste of time!”?


Maybe you joined a facebook group to get more comments on your blog but when it’s your turn to leave a comment, instead of leaving a good comment… a comment with value, you write a short meaningless comment?

If this sounds familiar, your in the right place and you should keep reading.

As I was browsing through the google I found this infographic.

I was surprised to see that according to, blog commenting is skyrocketing at an estimated 400,000 comments daily!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to profit from this?

Well there is…

I want you to imagine if, based on your comment, people were eager to buy from you.

Wouldn’t that be awesome?…

…You should be nodding your head up and down right now.

Well, this can and does happen however, it’s not very common and I’ll tell you why.

To get that kind of response from people, must deserve it.

It doesn’t just happen over night, it’s earned. It’s through consistent integrity and hard work.

Am I making this sound to hard? – It isn’t!

Can you do this?

Absolutely, anyone can do it!

If you can be honest, and genuinely love people… You can do this.

In fact, it will always work.

How do I know this?

Because, I’ve seen it time and time again.

I’ve experienced it on both sides. And so have you….

Think about the a time when you only wanted to buy something from a certain someone.

We all have had these experiences and whether you notice it or not you felt that person was honest and trustworthy.

So what does this have to do with commenting on blogs?

When you comment on someones blog and you are genuine and helpful that goes a long way.

You should always be looking at ways to better someones life when you comment.

Remember, it’s not only the person who owns the blog that will see the comment but also everyone else who goes to the blog as well.

Check out this video for more details on this strategy.

Was this helpful? If so, I would greatly appreciate a comment below.

I believe in you,

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